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Accounting Cadetships

Make your move… fire up your future!

We have been helping young, aspiring Accountants realise their potential since our inception 30 years ago. Some have moved on to Big 4 firms, others to the commercial sector, a great percentage have left and returned… and even become Directors.

Our Accounting Cadetships are aimed towards budding accountants who have just finished high school or are in their first year or two of university studies. We employ a brand new cohort of cadets every year who begin in February, so you’ll be joining the team with peers in the same situation as you to share your experience with and learn together.

Though full-time work and part-time university might sound daunting at first, our team find it’s a great way to get the practical experience they need to succeed as early as possible, while still enjoying everything uni has to offer. Not only will you fast-track your skills and knowledge, but you'll earn a fantastic salary while doing it. Plus we provide support for study and exam leave all the way through to graduation.

So that we can deliver the very best service and outcomes for our clients, our team all work toward completing a Chartered Accounting qualification, which means the possibilities are endless in your career going forward.

But what does being an accountant at BLG look like?

What you’ll experience:

  • Meet clients – We take the time to speak to our clients and we’ll get you involved straight away.
  • Be challenged – Work with others to solve our client’s business challenges and learn daily.
  • Industry exposure – Interact with clients big and small from medical to engineering, design to IT and so many more.
  • Training & guidance – You will receive a mentor to guide you and gain regular in-house training around accounting, tax as well as for professional & personal growth.
  • Learn on the job – You will thrive in your studies with hands-on practice and quickly advance your career goals!
  • Study support – We want you to succeed so you receive exam and study leave to support your education.
  • Informal & fun – Enjoy casual Fridays, an abundance of social events and laughter in our bright office in coastal Wollongong.

What you’ll learn:

  • Business accounting skills – Training as a business adviser means gaining experience in accounting, tax, superannuation, wealth management, business strategies, compliance and more, plus all the nuances in between, from 1st rate service skills to building relationships.
  • Superior communication skills – By interacting with clients from the very beginning you’ll learn, from your mentors and in your dealings with them, the best ways to communicate effectively to build relationships and gain the best results. Plus we have an open door policy so you’ll be speaking to managers and directors alike one-on-one and in meetings, so you’ll gain experience in communicating with various levels of team members in individual and group scenarios.
  • Productivity skills – While we know how to have fun in our team we also take pride in our work because our clients depend on us. We have a lot of clients and are always busy, so we’ll teach you the in-house processes and prioritization skills so you can manage your time and work productively. This is a really important skill that will set you up for life!
  • Work/life balance – While work is important, having time to live your life is also, and we recognize this. Having our regular social events is one way we break the cycle of busy workloads and reward our team, but we also encourage travelling and taking decent annual leave breaks. If you have commitments outside of work we work with you to honour those. Not only are we in this together - but a happy team is a productive team!
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