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Our Story

We are Chartered Accountants who believe in the true meaning of service, support and relationships.

Our team come to work every day with purpose. We are always available to listen and understand our clients, deliver solutions to conquer their challenges, and share strategies to secure their future. It is our privilege to treat all our clients with the respect, intelligence and uniqueness that they deserve.

Our clients are people with a business and a life, and we value both.

What does BLG do?

Our team are both Chartered Accountants and business advisers who work with you to really understand where you and your business is now, where you want to be and what success looks like to you. Then we walk you through the solutions and strategies that will deliver the results you are looking for. We are your problem-solvers and support system.

Our team are available for our clients whenever they need to talk, whether that’s sounding out business ideas or getting answers to any type of question. Our clients are people with lives and we build strong relationships with them that continue because we guide them out of lows and celebrate their highs. We help them personally and professionally and care about their success.

How did BLG begin?

BLG Business Advisers started in 1994 as Chartered Accountants, but as our firm grew we quickly realised that our specialised services and strategies were needed by businesses. They also needed what makes us different – our motivation to understand the people behind each business and what is important to them. We have an abundance of long-term clients, along with the next generation, that we continue to work alongside throughout their journey. We are a business advisory firm who carries on this culture today.

If you are looking for an accountant or business adviser who will genuinely help you, then talk with us and you can determine if we’re the right fit for you. To find out more before making your decision, take a look at the links below to help you.

Whatever you decide, our team at BLG Business Advisers wishes you every success!

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