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Superannuation and Tax Planning Strategies

Superannuation Contribution Types

In terms of contributing funds into super, there are different...

Tax Planning Successfully in 2024

Why we help out clients ‘tax plan’

Anticipating how tax may look year on year is crucial for a...

Understanding Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Who pays FBT?

The employer is responsible for paying FBT, and it is based on the taxable value of...

The Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Business

Fringe Benefits Tax

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is a tax paid by employers on non-cash benefits...

Federal Government Stage 3 Tax Cuts – What Changes for You?

The below table is a summary of the changes, compared to Scott Morrison’s original stage 3 tax...

Employee vs Contractor and Obligations

Contractor Misconceptions

Firstly, let's start by dispelling a common misconception in the realm...

Employee Retention - 3 Key Focus Areas

Career Development

Job satisfaction is a key motivator in evoking optimal performance and a...

Bonuses, Annual Leave Loading & Superannuation


As mentioned earlier, bonuses are typically additional payments given to employees at the...

Entertainment, FBT & Exemptions


The ATO deems entertainment to mean a case where a business provides food, drinks or...


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