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Getting in the Community Spirit

Written by Angela Bernardi . March 06, 2017
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Recently I was asked to be on the board of a local sports club, and the first thought I had was ‘I do not have the time…’. However after a few persuasive phone calls and meetings I started to understand what this club is trying to achieve and the larger impact it will have on the community.

Not having the time is not a good enough excuse. Putting aside a small amount of time each week or month for community initiatives can provide much-needed support for those involved. It can also feel really satisfying doing something worthwhile that supports others.

Contributing doesn’t have to be a mammoth effort. It can involve a simple but important phone call to someone each morning with the Telecross service, joining your child’s school P&C Committee, or even making a donation once in a while to an organisation you support.

There are so many opportunities out there to get involved, whether locally or more wide-reaching. Our youth, seniors, homes and loved-ones are all supported in one way or another by these community organisations.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by clients, colleagues and friends that give back in more generous ways than I. Without people’s involvement in the local community, whether that is volunteering, support or funding, we would not have these wonderful organisations that give so much back and our society would be far less rich.

So next time you are asked to get involved in the community in some way - just remember the ripple effect it will have.

Get in the community spirit and get involved…

Go the Wolves!

Written by Angela Bernardi . March 06, 2017
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