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Taking Some Good From The Bad

Written by Clayton Childs . March 05, 2018
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I try often to relay to my children that life isn’t ‘fair’. Never has been and never will be. Whilst I believe equity is a good target or pursuit the reality is it is a very good ideal that in my experience doesn’t often work out in practice.

Relational breakdown, unforeseen personal health problems & financial difficulties are all indicative of this.

Whilst you can never really predict with certainty how you would deal with these situations if they eventuate for you, it goes without saying that you wouldn’t probably refer to them as ‘good’ times.

However it is in these times in life that I have found personally, and through my interaction with long standing relationship-based clients, that you grow the most individually in many ways, and it can often allow you to form new relational bonds with those who stand by you in these times.

So while no one would ever wish that good times go bad… sometimes it doesn’t result in all ‘bad’.

*This information is relevant at the time of publishing and is subject to change*
Written by Clayton Childs . March 05, 2018
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