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Our clients say it best! Our client’s success and peace of mind are why our team do what we do, and we thank each of our clients for sharing their stories with you. Enjoy reading or watching them!

Our Clients

17-Year Relationship with Successful Entrepreneur Leads to Growth and International Expansion

Client: MathSeeds and Reading Eggs

Interviewed: Matthew Sandblom, Founder

3 min read

"Sometimes you’re in your own business and you don’t see everything as clearly as you could. BLG Business Advisers’ exposure to different businesses provides valuable insight.”

Key Services

  • BLG participates in high-level strategy with 7-8 companies
  • Flexible and customised approach
  • Companies that Matthew no longer runs continue to work with BLG Business Advisers

Matthew Sandblom is a successful education entrepreneur and publisher with more than 27 years’ experience publishing books and resources for the school market. More recently, Matthew helped create MathSeeds and ReadingEggs, online learning resources that are trusted by students, parents, and educators around the world. These products make learning fun by harnessing the power of technology and gamification to improve critical academic skills.

“The programs are packed full of enjoyable child-focused activities that make learning a rewarding and meaningful experience,” Matthew says. “They teach fundamental concepts in a fun, engaging way, whilst rewarding children for their efforts.”

Search for Accountant Leads to Scott Brodie of BLG Business Advisers

In the late 1990’s, Matthew was dissatisfied with the level of service he was receiving from his accounting firm, so he asked around for referrals. A colleague suggested reaching out to Scott Brodie, Director at BLG Business Advisers.

Matthew was immediately impressed. “He was down to earth and practical,” Matthew says. “Scott had been involved in business directly as an investor and understood more than just getting the paperwork done at the end of the year, but had real insight into understanding business and how it works.”

BLG’s Business Insights Create Long-Lasting Partnership

A skilled entrepreneur, Matthew has relied on BLG to help create and grow several businesses, including his educational publishing company that has an international impact.

“Over the years I’ve been involved in 7-8 decent-sized businesses,” Matthew says. “Every time, I turn to BLG. They help with tax advice, structuring of entities, advice for when we’re looking to buy or sell a company. They always provide good, down to earth recommendations.”

Matthew notes that BLG’s high-level insights are what keep him coming back. “Accounting companies can be very procedural-based—do this, do that, fill in this, report on that,” he says. “BLG takes care of those things too, of course, but the difference is that they are focused on the bigger picture: here are the trends, here’s how we can help you. They never try to sell me services I don’t need, but they have the business knowledge to know what I DO need. Their level of strategic insight and perspective is very useful.”

For Matthew, one impressive mark of success is that even after he has moved on from some of his projects, the businesses continue to work with BLG. “Even though I no longer run some of these businesses, they continue to use BLG when they could have turned to other companies,” Matthew says. “It shows you the value that BLG brings to the table.”

Benefits and Results

  • Long-term partnership results in success for several businesses
  • Pragmatic and practical approach meets goals and objectives
  • Investments held in most tax-effective environment
  • Structuring advice creates high level of asset protection
  • Ongoing assistance leads to development and growth of a national and international company


“BLG has a good combination of knowledge and experience,” Matthew says. “You get a good level of attention and all-around practical advice while building a strong relationship. Sometimes you’re in your own business and you don’t see everything as clearly as you could. BLG’s exposure to different businesses provides valuable insight.”

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