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People Planning – Managing Growth in the Business

As a business grows the resources acquired, the number of staff also tends to consistently grow. Increasing staff numbers can be challenging for business owners. All too often a business owner tries to control too much themselves, to ensure things are done ‘their way’. 

Business owners experiencing growth need to ensure they are suitably ‘people planning’.  This involves not only focusing on the number of staff, but the skills and roles of those individuals as well. As the business grows, business owners need to progressively loosen their control, otherwise they unintentionally limit the growth opportunities of their business.

Successful business owners understand the benefits of surrounding themselves with strong ‘lieutenants’. People that can help them develop and grow their business. Our team at BLG Business Advisers have assisted numerous clients across a range of industries make the transition by providing guidance and advice to the business owner. Please talk with us so we can provide assistance to you on the best ways to manage this.