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How to Build a Winning Team

By setting goals and seizing opportunities, you have created a successful, sustainable business that has grown from a handful of workers to a significantly larger number. This is a great outcome. It means fantastic security for your family and your future and leaves you in a strong position for ongoing growth.

So why do you feel more stressed and overworked than ever before?

Business growth generally leads to an increased number of workers. Rather than making your life easier, this can often cause your workload to increase. Your day becomes a series of constant interruptions from staff who come to you for problem-solving. Any chance of taking a holiday seems like a distant dream!

You aren’t alone though if you’ve focused more on the business financial growth rather than your team structure. What successful business owners do is manage their growth by hiring the right team to help carry the load. So how do you build a winning team?


What It Means to Have a Winning Team

Consider a successful sports team. Very few teams can pull off a championship with just one or two superstars. Successful teams have competent, talented people in every position, each one contributing to the overall result.

It’s the same in business.

You need to invest in training talented people to work in critical positions. Not only will they improve your peace of mind, but they will build their own skills and expand their potential and the potential of your business.

Over the years, we’ve worked with many businesses who experience this team growth scenario. The good news is that there are many promising strategies for building a winning team. Let’s look at six.

6 Tips for Building a Winning Team

You probably don’t need to tackle all of these areas, but one or two of them might be exactly what your business needs to boost productivity.

1. Play to Each Person’s Strengths

Everyone likes to feel valued, and when you play to each person’s strengths, they take pride in their contributions. A Gallup report found that employees who say they use their strengths each day are 8 per cent more productive and 15 per cent less likely to leave their positions than those who don’t use their strengths every day.

But how can you learn about each person’s strengths? Observe them closely, and compliment them on the things they do well. Ask your supervisors and managers to identify each team member’s strengths, then ensure each person is in a position to use them.

Never hesitate to ask your employees more about their expertise, even if they’ve been on the payroll for months. You might find that you already have people on staff who can handle the problems you’re facing.

2. Set the Direction

Influential leaders chart a defined course and then communicate their plans to all team members. When everyone understands the business’ goals, they can work together toward a common destination. This increases unity and teamwork.

But don’t stop there. Ensure each person understands exactly how he or she contributes to the common goal. When employees know that they’re essential to the company’s success, they take more pride and responsibility in their work.

3. Provide Excellent Training

Time-poor managers tend to skimp on training and career development. It’s not that they don’t care or understand the value of coaching and guidance; they just don’t have time. With pressing deadlines raining down, how do you spare the time for training?

Take a deep breath and remember that every minute you spend training now will save you time in the future.

You and your employees will experience less frustration when everyone receives proper instruction and guidance. Develop training materials and procedures that will make your onboarding smooth and effective.

4. Give Them Breathing Room

All employees like to know they’re improving and growing, but some business owners don’t allow them to see it. Grant team members ownership and accountability over their work. While they may slip up sometimes, they will learn from their mistakes and build confidence in their abilities. An important benefit of giving your employees breathing room is that they’ll have the space to innovate and express their creativity.

5. Say Goodbye When Necessary

Too often, business owners hang onto employees who either lack skills or just don’t fit in with the culture of the company. Nobody wins when you delay the inevitable: not you, not the rest of your team, and certainly not the employee themselves.

Although it can be painful, it’s best to be open with the employee about their future. Help them move onto something new where they’ll be better able to contribute and advance their career.

6. Make Work Fun!

Work can be tough. With endless emails, never-ending deadlines, and pressing demands, it’s easy to let your workplace turn into a stress-place. The alternative? Inject some fun into the workplace with team-building events or social activities. This has a two-fold advantage. When team members know each other better, they treat one another with more respect and patience. Plus numerous studies have shown that fun in the workplace can lead to reduced stress, fewer sick days and an increase in motivation and productivity because of a happier and more satisfied team.

Where to Start

You know something needs to be done, and these are helpful tips, but where do you start?

Choose just one area to start with. As you read through the tips, one of them probably stood out to you. Perhaps you have an employee you need to let go, or maybe you need to improve your training.

As you implement changes, you’ll start to see changes. Positive gains provide momentum for future improvements as well.

You’ll train up competent employees you can trust to make decisions in your absence… maybe while you take that long-awaited holiday. And those employees will gain even more confidence and new skills along the way.

Are you ready to restore balance and make changes within your team? Our people at BLG can help you to strengthen your team. Talk with us; let’s work on it together.

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*This information is correct at the time of publishing and is subject to change*
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