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Life-Changing Milestones and the Questions that Follow

Written by Adam Birrer . June 21, 2022
3 min read

Whilst I’ve generally not made too much of a big deal of milestones, preferring instead to just enjoy the ride, the year 2022 has unquestionably brought about a couple of significant developments which will change life as I know it – namely:

  1. Becoming a Director at BLG in July; and
  2. Becoming a Dad for the first time in late May.

I’m excited and thrilled about both of these changes, but certainly feeling more prepared for one than the other!


Becoming a Director

The opportunity to become a Director at BLG alongside some awesome people is one that is a culmination of a lot of work and energy over a long period of time. It will no doubt entail a significant step-up in responsibility and stress – however the fact I have qualifications, experience, long standing client relationships, supportive fellow directors and a great team behind me has me feeling pretty confident I’m ready.

Becoming a Dad

On the other hand, it seems becoming a Dad is something you can only do so much preparation for before it happens. Maybe attend a couple of pre-natal classes, do some reading, chat to your wife, friends and other veteran parents etc… but as the dust has settled after the birth (a mind-blowing experience in itself – and I wasn’t even doing the hard work so to speak), I was still left with a “what on earth do we do now!?” type feeling!

In any case, we’ve certainly been enjoying our early days together as a family and working out this parenting caper as we go – and I look forward to returning to the office in due course to get stuck into my new role as a director despite the inevitable sleep handicap.

The All-Important Questions

One thing that I noticed this past week or so since our little boy arrived, particularly during the hospital stay, is that I have asked more genuinely stupid questions than I have done in years.

I found the midwives and other hospital staff to be infinitely patient with questions, and I always felt better after asking them. While the answers might often have been obvious, just putting them out there to be answered left me feeling reassured, supported and generally less all-at-sea.

I will refrain from using the old cliché about stupid questions here, but I like to hope in our role as trusted advisors that all of our clients feel comfortable to ask us any questions at all, no matter how stupid they might consider them. We love talking to our clients, and it’s what we’re here for!

Maybe just don’t ask me for advice on the best way to change nappies just yet – still doing my apprenticeship on that one.

Cheers, Adam

*This information is relevant at the time of publishing and is subject to change*
Written by Adam Birrer . June 21, 2022


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