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What Pharmacy Practice Incentives are really worthwhile?

Written by Michael Grew . January 08, 2018
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With the continued negative impact of price disclosure on pharmacies, the Federal Government and the Pharmacy Guild have been very keen on promoting the release of $600m worth of funding under the 6CPA. This is available to the Pharmacy Practice Incentive (PPI) Program to (partially) offset the reduction of revenue.

While this is a substantial amount of funding available, the big question is: Are these programs worth implementing in your pharmacy?

We’ve taken a look at the major funding programs and provided some advice to guide you. See what you think after browsing this list of PPI Programs.

What are the major Pharmacy Practice Incentive Programs?

Dose Administration Aids (DAA)

Program designed for medications to be packed into Dose Administration Aids to assist with improving the quality use of medicines for patients.

All Approved DAA Service Providers will be allocated an individual cap based on previous DAA service volumes recorded and claimed under the PPI program prior to 1 July 2017 (the most recent 12 month claiming period will be used to calculate the cap).

Approved DAA Service Providers who recorded and claimed greater than 200 DAA patients per week under the Pharmacy Practice Incentive Program prior to 1 July 2017 will receive an upper limit cap of 200 DAAs.

Staged Supply

Staged Supply has been designed to support the provision of Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) medicines in instalments when requested by the prescriber ie. weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Funds are available for each pharmacy to allow for a maximum for of four (4) eligible Staged Supply Services to be provided at any one time.

Clinical Interventions (CI)

The CI priority area supports pharmacists to identify, manage, and document drug related issues associated with a patient’s medicine.

CI claims will be capped at the rate of 3.5% of prescription volume.

Meds Checks and Diabetes Meds Checks

These checks include a review of a patient’s medicines, focusing on education and self-management and aims to identify problems that the patient may be experiencing with their medicines; help the patient learn more about their medicines including how medicines affect medical conditions; improve the effective use of medicines by patients; and educate patients about how to best use and store their medicines.

Claims are limited to 20 per calendar month.

Home Medicine Reviews (HMR)

A HMR is a comprehensive clinical review of a patient’s medicines in their home by an accredited pharmacist on referral from the patient’s general practitioner (GP).

Claims are limited to 20 per calendar month.

What programs should I use?

As to the question of should you implement any of the programs, the answer depends on how efficiently you can do them. Remember this includes both the consultation with the patient and the associated administration work.

If you can supply the services in a reasonable amount of time and the income you receive is at least the same, or hopefully higher than you would otherwise receive from working in your pharmacy, then it is worth doing.

How can I build efficiency?

Some example of making these services as efficient as possible may include:

  • Organise patients for each service during your quieter times during the day
  • Organise to see patients during a predetermined period of time and organise an additional pharmacist to cover you for at that time
  • Ensure your administration processes are as efficient as possible
  • Ensure you understand your claim limits and claim deadlines as you will be wasting your time if you submit more claims than allowed or submit after the due date for which you won’t be paid.

Remember all of these services will take time, and your time is important and valuable, so make sure these programs work for you as well as your patients!

BLG Business Advisers work with many pharmacy clients, most who have been with us for a long time. We have a strong understanding of the pharmacy industry and provide real support for our clients to improve their businesses.

Please talk with us in more detail about the programs that would be most beneficial for your pharmacy and see if our team are the right fit for you.

*This information is relevant at the time of publishing and is subject to change*
Written by Michael Grew . January 08, 2018
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