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Exceptional Customer Service and a Strong Relationship produces Positive Long-Term Business Results

“BLG keeps us focused on the big picture issues that we otherwise may not see because we are so focused on the details of running a business... You know that they care about what you are doing and they are motivated to help you.”

Key Services

  • Ongoing business support and objective advice
  • Strategic planning for business growth and development
  • Accountability in business decisions and forward-planning initiatives

Bandit Tree Equipment’s roots go right back to 1986, when Mark Marriott began working in his father’s business. Amongst other tasks, he took over the sales of a couple of small wood chippers and the seeds were sown for his own enterprise. Mark and his wife Sue came on board as a Bandit distributor in 1993, beginning in their home city of Sydney before gradually taking over distribution across the country. They now have four offices; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Mark and Sue have always been very strategic in how they place themselves in the market, specialising on the wood chippers and stump grinders rather than branching out into a much wider range of products. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to customer service and after-sales support.

“If you try to do everything, you’ll do nothing extremely well. Instead, our focus is to keep 100% of our customers 100% happy, 100% of the time. In terms of customer experience, it’s not all about chasing the last dollar, it’s about providing tremendous service and a great product,” said Mark.

It is this very notion of exceptional customer service, integrity and honesty that struck a chord with Mark when they began looking for a new accountant around eight years ago.

At a business mentoring event, someone mentioned to Mark that without a quality accountant, no business can be successful. This comment got Mark thinking and crystallised his thoughts around making some changes within Bandit Tree Equipment. A friend recommended BLG Business Advisers, and at the very first meeting Michael Grew set out a vision that matched perfectly with where Mark and Sue saw themselves going.

Nothing is too difficult

Mark and Sue have built an exceptional rapport with the BLG team over the years and are now working with Director, Peter Ryan. What continues to impress them is the responsiveness to any query – big or small – where nothing is ever too difficult. “More than anything, it is their availability that we find sets them apart. If we’ve got questions, they get back to us straight away. Their responsiveness to any question or issue is always excellent,” said Mark.

As the business’s Chief Finance Officer, Sue is regularly on the phone to the BLG team. “Running a business, there are always various things that come up. They offer technical expertise on tax as well as other issues such as staff-related concerns. If they don’t know the information, they will find the information for me. I find them to be a useful resource that way as well,” she said.

Objectivity and accountability

Working with Mark and Sue on progressing growth strategies enable BLG to identify weaknesses and address concerns that business owners are sometimes not aware of when they are so close to the business. “BLG don’t give reactionary advice, they are ahead of the ball all of the time. They are very good at anticipating what might happen with our business to take advantage of it, or put strategies in place to protect ourselves,” Sue noted.

The implementation of these strategies has led to fantastic growth in the couple’s business. In the time they have been with BLG, Mark reports they have seen almost two-fold growth in every aspect of the business.

“BLG keep us accountable too; if there is something we said we were going to do, they will check in and ask if we have done it,” said Mark.

Positive attitude and genuine care

A strong and effective working relationship such as that between Peter, BLG and the Marriott’s are built on genuine care and respect. The BLG team work with Mark and Sue, rather than for them, to not only ensure there is a solid understanding of their business and personal goals, but to provide the support to deliver the best outcome.

The Marriott’s feel they are heard, they are respected and that the BLG team genuinely care – which means so much. “They go above and beyond in ensuring our business is successful. They offer that real personal touch,” said Sue.

Benefits and results

  • The ongoing positive working relationship supports Mark and Sue to carry out strategies to completion, as well as address smaller issues capably and effectively.
  • Yearly tax planning has become more efficient.
  • Strategic thinking has enabled the business to stay ahead of the game and maintain steady growth.
  • Objectivity and accountability ensure the business can take advantage of new opportunities.


For Mark and Sue Marriott, BLG offers the professional, objective advice they need to move their business forward, while perfectly matching their ethos on positive staff culture and exceptional customer service.

“I wholeheartedly recommend them. It is critical in business, that if you want success, you need to have that outside adviser, like BLG, who can objectively look at your business and see the good points and the bad points and advise on strategies to maximise business. They tick all the boxes for us,” concluded Mark.

Client: Bandit Tree Equipment

Interviewed: Sue & Mark Marriott, Owners

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