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On the Road to Growth and Progress: How Craig and Louise Cameron Achieved Business Growth and Financial Security with BLG

“The structures of routine checklists, meetings and complete support [have] been a real game-changer for us. Always professional, available, and communicative.”

Key Services

  • Expansion of financial capabilities and business growth through sound advice
  • Guidance for planning, working towards and achieving goals
  • Assistance with business structures, cash flow, tax, borrowing and buying
  • Assistance with IAS, BAS and payroll matters
  • Setting up a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

In 2001, Craig and Louise Cameron were offered the opportunity to operate several NRMA Road Service sites as subcontractors. Their journey to becoming owners of NRMA contracts began with Craig, who started his mechanical apprenticeship in Bowral with Wheeler Motors in 1991. Wheeler Motors held the NRMA Roadside contract for the area and Craig was proactive in taking every opportunity available to assist NRMA members. From there, Craig has been working as an NRMA Patrol and managing multiple sites within NSW.

Today, the Camerons own several NRMA contracts operating NRMA Road Service and Towing in the Southern Highlands and Tweed Heads. They also have a small team of Patrols in the Sydney/ACT Metro Area. Across their numerous service areas, the Camerons have been able to attend to some 35,000 NRMA members annually, with teams being made available to assist members every hour of every day of the year.

“Jobs can be challenging but more often our role is extremely rewarding in assisting our members to keep moving,” shared the Camerons.

Their journey with BLG Business Advisers started when Peter Wheeler, the son of Craig’s original employers whom he did his apprenticeship with, referred them to the business advisory firm. The Camerons value Peter’s opinions and recommendations and felt that they should follow his advice, having known Peter for over 30 years.

“We were met initially with enthusiasm, dedication and the endless knowledge of Scott Brodie and Luke Bland. They knew exactly what we needed,” the Camerons said. “Moving to BLG has been hands down the best financial move we have, and probably ever will, make.”

Overcoming the Fear of the Unknown

The Camerons’ journey to success was faced with significant obstacles. One of their main challenges was that they didn’t know how to make their money work for them. They were in the dark when it came to matters like the best ways to invest, the best structure for their financial security and how to work towards long-term financial security and retirement. The couple was at a loss when it came to knowing the right questions to ask regarding financial matters.

Working with BLG, the Camerons were finally given answers to these questions, as well as guidance. With Luke and the team’s assistance, Craig and Louise gained the confidence to build on their business and purchase sound investments.

“BLG guided us to [act on] our dreams. The dreams are now realities,” shared Craig and Louise. For them, there was no obstacle that could have prevented them from working with BLG.

“We always felt our previous accountants were holding us back but didn’t know what questions to ask to move us forward. They only seemed to process and think about the ‘here and now’ and not about where we wanted to be in the future,” said the Camerons.

They were helped by Peter Wheeler, who pointed out the fact that their business wasn’t a “trust” and suggested they talk with Scott Brodie, one of BLG’s former Directors and Founders. Craig and Louise took this opportunity to talk to Scott because they needed more than what their previous three accountants were able to offer.

“Naivety as to what BLG offers could perhaps be an obstacle for other business owners seeking complete financial advice. The fear of the unknown and that it may cost more than the gain. That is certainly not the case with BLG,” said Craig and Louise.

Achieving Goals

Working with BLG has enabled Craig and Louise to plan out, work towards and achieve their goals. Whether it’s matters concerning how to grow their business or how to best achieve financial security, BLG has been with them every step of the way.

Louise and Craig have been with BLG for five years now. During this time, they were able to dramatically increase their cash flow and fund the purchase of equipment, such as tow trucks and patrol vehicles. Aside from achieving their business goals, Craig and Louise were also able to achieve their personal dreams. They have been able to renovate their home, purchase four residential investment properties, set up their SMSF and use it to purchase business properties… and add to Craig’s car collection without guilt! They were also able to provide their daughters with private school education and support for university fees and other future endeavours.

BLG’s advice, willingness to explore opportunities and consider risk vs return, is what the Camerons say set them apart from other accountants, and have helped them achieve more than they ever imagined. Other business owners have noticed how things have greatly improved for Craig and Louise, and they’re often asked who their accountant is. Because of their positive experience with BLG, the Camerons have recommended the firm to their acquaintances and friends.

“This is all a massive deal to us. We never take it for granted. BLG (Luke Bland) always sell themselves short because they say it’s our passion and business leadership that results in our success…it’s not. It’s BLG’s constant support and knowledge. Yes, we work hard and have a good business but without following BLG’s advice, not much of the above would have happened without the calculated confidence we gained from BLG to make the dreams reality,” Craig and Louise shared.

Embracing New Opportunities

In early 2023 Craig and Louise were offered two opportunities. One was to purchase a larger industrial premises to accommodate their growing business and the other was to significantly expand their business by purchasing another five NRMA contracts. Both of these opportunities were completely unexpected and came at the same time. BLG has been able to support and assist with both of these purchases. The initial setup costs of the new sites were significant, but the Camerons said they were already in a good position because Luke Bland had the professional foresight to ensure their finances were in readiness to grab opportunities as they arose.

“The business expansion and purchase of the industrial premises would have been extremely overwhelming if we had not been in that ‘ready for opportunity’ position,” said Craig and Louise.

Due to the expansion, their business experienced very tight cash flow during 2023 which was expected. But again, Luke and his team were able to provide a strategy that assisted in quickly turning that issue around.

The Camerons’ new sites are now operating well with knowledgeable and valued team members. Their business will now attend some 60,000 NRMA members annually.

2023 has been a year of unexpected opportunities which, they expressed, came with a fair amount of apprehension. Craig and Louise felt they would not get the opportunity to expand their business in this way again, so they moved forward knowing they could replicate what they already do which has dramatically improved the new sites. “BLG have been available and supportive constantly as usual and we feel that without being a BLG client, we may not have had the confidence to expand.”

Benefits and results

Since working with BLG, Craig and Louise have seen significant positive changes in their business and personal ventures. These include:

  • Increased cash flow and funding for the purchase of additional equipment
  • The purchase of several residential investment properties
  • Advice and support for business growth
  • Having the financial capability to fund the Camerons’ home renovation and children’s education
  • Financial security for future endeavours



Working with BLG Business Advisers allowed Craig and Louise to overcome obstacles that were keeping them from achieving their business and personal goals. They were given the confidence to make investments that have led to a more financially secure future.

“We are well supported by BLG’s team of professionals. BLG has been the best financial decision we will ever make for our business and our personal future.”

Client: NSW Roadside Services Pty Ltd

Interviewed: Craig and Louise Cameron, Owners

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