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Our clients say it best! Our client’s success and peace of mind are why our team do what we do, and we thank each of our clients for sharing their stories with you. Enjoy reading or watching them!

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Huon IT Makes BLG Part of Their Advisory Board & Quadruples Revenue in 9 Years

Client: Huon IT

Interviewed: Damian Huon, CEO

4 min read

"If you’re looking for a true business partner to grow your business, you can’t do better than BLG. They’re not your traditional accountant, billing time in 6-minute intervals. They’re focused on providing real value.”

Key Services

  • High growth company receives financial, business, and growth advising from BLG
  • BLG Director, Scott Brodie sits on Huon IT’s board and advises across the spectrum of business needs
  • Tax management strategies create savings while remaining in full compliance with tax law
  • Long-standing partnership builds trust and knowledge of business

Huon IT is one of Australia’s premiere IT firms, serving small, medium, and large businesses across the globe. An agile, flexible organisation that offers highly personalised service, Huon IT prides itself on its ability to deploy cutting-edge, effective IT solutions that improve efficiency and cut costs.

“We’re a dynamic operation that builds long-term trust—many of our clients have been with us for well over 15 years,” says Huon IT’s CEO, Damian Huon. “BLG fits our way of working, and we’ve enjoyed a long-term, 9-year relationship with them. We look forward to many more years of partnership.”

BLG Director Scott Brodie Solves Complex Problem in Less than an Hour

In 2007, Huon IT was working with another accounting firm to restructure. They’d gone through several iterations of the plan, and according to Damian, it just never seemed right. “It was overly complex from a legal and financial standpoint,” Damian says. “I thought, ‘There has to be a simpler way to do this.’”

A lawyer friend suggested reaching out to Scott Brodie, a director at BLG, for help. As Damian tells the story: “I set up an appointment with Scott and explained my circumstances. After 15 minutes, Scott stood up and began to whiteboard the perfect solution. Within an hour I had the simple and cost-effective advice I needed. Needless to say, I fired my old accountants and switched to BLG immediately. It’s been a fruitful relationship ever since.”

More than Just Accounting

More than anything, it’s BLG’s all-round business expertise—not just accounting skills—that keeps Huon IT coming back year after year. “Typical accountants focus on compliance and tax processes,” says Damian. “While BLG does all that and does it well, it’s just about 10% of their core focus. All that happens in the background with no fuss, while they dig deep into your financial management and business strategies to help you get ahead.”

Damian found BLG’s contribution to be so valuable that he invited Scott Brodie to sit on Huon IT’s advisory board. Every month, Scott attends board meetings and advises across the spectrum of business needs. In addition, Damian says that he knows he can call on BLG whenever he needs advising. “I have the confidence to just call them up when I’m facing a challenge and I know that the answers I get are very pertinent to our business because they know it inside and out. Often, you get answers from accountants that are the letter of the law—not strategic, not scalable. When I ring Scott, he’s not afraid to be honest with me and provide practical advice that’s always on the money.”

Benefits and Results

  • Solved complex restructuring need and established scalable structure that has not needed to be adjusted since
  • Compliant and effective tax planning that manages tax position and achieves best possible outcome
  • Ongoing business advising on a wide range of issues
  • Business has quadrupled in the 9 years since becoming a client of BLG


"Up until BLG, my experience with accountants was that they don’t think outside the box,” Damian says. “If you’re looking for a true business partner to help you grow your business, you really can’t get better than BLG. They’re very focused on providing value. They go the extra mile. I recommend them highly.”

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