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Property Investment vs Property Development

When does your investment property become a “development”?

Factors to consider when...

There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

Talent vs Hard Work

My experience (in working with clients and sport, in particular) has...

Play to Your Strengths and Love What You Do

Forget your weaknesses pursue your passion.

Often we try and fix our weaknesses when we...

Small Business CGT Concessions - What You Need to Know

Thinking of selling your business?

Small businesses have been able to access a range of...

SMSFs - Corporate vs Individual Trustees

When setting up your SMSF it may seem simpler and cheaper to act as individual trustees....

Finding A Work / Life Balance

Thinking back more than 20 years when we started in practice at BLG, there were no...

Seeing the world through clearer eyes

The funny thing is, the more I narrowed my head space to these matters; the less I grew...

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