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TreeServe Grows by a Factor of 10 with the Help of BLG Business Advisers

Client: TreeServe Pty Ltd

Interviewed: David Harris, Managing Director

3 min read

"BLG is responsive, engaged in my business, and passionately interested in what we do. Hiring BLG is hands-down one of the best business decisions our company has ever made.”

Key Services

  • Long-term strategic advising leads to 10-fold increase in turnover
  • Holistic business support with everything from pricing to wage analysis to acquisitions
  • In-depth understanding of business creates trust and partnership

TreeServe is one of the leading tree and vegetation contractors in NSW. They specialise in local government tree management, powerline vegetation management, and emergency tree works serving the Sydney and Hunter Region. With an emphasis on innovation and quality service, they’ve grown from a small staff of 3 to more than 120 employees.

“We’ve been in business for over 20 years and throughout that time we’ve seen a lot of growth and change,” says TreeServe’s managing director, David Harris. “BLG has been with us the whole time. They’re a big part of our success.”

Business Restructuring Leads to the Search for a New Accounting Firm

In 2001, David took over the management of the family business—then called Sydney Metro Tree Services—right in the middle of a major restructuring.  A partner was leaving, important assets were being sold—and David knew he needed to do it in the most efficient and cost-effective way if his business was going to thrive into the future.

“We had an accounting firm at the time, but it felt like they outgrew us,” David says. “So we searched for a new accounting firm. Michael Grew from Brodie Long Grew was the first to respond to us with bullet points and a process and strategy. Their responsiveness really impressed us. We went with BLG and we’ve never looked back.”

The Making of a Vital Partnership

Initially, BLG assisted the company to restructure effectively. Then BLG helped lay the foundations for lasting success. “They helped with everything: the structure, the strategy, the planning,” David says. “Early on, we wouldn’t even buy anything before we consulted with BLG.”

Since then, TreeServe has relied on BLG to help with everything from pricing to wage analysis to acquisitions. The focus has always been to maintain a big-picture outlook that will serve not only the immediate needs of the company, but its long-term health and profitability. “There are times we’ve relied on them for strategic accounting decisions or structural and ownership decisions where the true value is not seen for years,” says David. “But we always end up seeing the value.”

David says that the relationship with BLG has evolved into a true partnership. “Michael and the team at BLG are mentors who have gotten to know our business intimately—not just the financial side of things, but the people and our operations. They’re an integral part of our team.”

Benefits and Results

  • Support and advising through two acquisitions in the last 9 years have more than doubled the business
  • Consultation on pricing helped TreeServe win several large contracts that substantially increased business
  • Long-term strategic planning and structuring created stability and growth
  • Intimate knowledge of all areas of the business results in consistent, knowledgeable, reliable advice


"I can’t say enough good about our relationship with BLG,” David says. “They’re responsive, engaged in our business, passionately interested, and have given us very good advice over the 15 years that we’ve been working together. If you have the chance to work with BLG, do it. Hiring BLG is hands-down one of the best business decisions our company has ever made.”


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